For access Milos Island, you have many different options, as it has airport and harbor.

By boat, Milos communicates daily with the port of Piraeus, with other Cycladic islands and Crete. You can travel by catamaran (journey time approximately 3 hours from Piraeus), conventional ferries (journey 7.30-8 hours from Piraeus) and with intermediate speed vessels (journey time about 5 hours from Piraeus). The itineraries increase during the summer months.

With neighboring Kimolos island the connection is daily, the trip lasts ½ hour and is carried out by ferry boats departing from Pollonia port. The ferry companies that serve the transfers to/from Milos are: Sea Jet, Aegean Speed Lines, Hellenic Sea Ways, Zante Ferries, Anek Lines and Nel Lines.

By flight, Milos is connected with the "El. Venizelos" airport in Athens daily. The flight lasts ½ hour and the company is the Aegean airlines (or Olympic airlines). Soon, there will be direct flights from Thessaloniki to Milos, as well.

Therefore, all Greek places are, directly or indirectly, communicated with our beautiful island!

For further information, please contact:
"El. Venizelos" Airport: +30 210 3500000
Milos Airport: +30 22870 22381
Piraeus Port Authority: 14944 or 14541
Milos Port Authority: +30 22870 23360 or +30 22870 22100