Adamas is the main port of Milos Island, the first image you will see, as you approach by boat. A modern, seaside village into one of the biggest and safest natural bays of the Mediterranean Sea, built by Cretan refugees. That is why the two islands are still twinning over time, as is revealed by the marble inscription across the port.

White houses, bougainvilleas, paved alleys, shops and a large pedestrian zone for summer walks compose a picture of unique Cycladic beauty!

Adamas is the largest tourist center of Milos! Especially during the summer months, it is full of life, since it combines the relaxation and tranquility with the night life and the entertainment. It provides everything needed to have comfortable and pleasant vacation in Milos, such as cafes, restaurants, ouzeri, pizzerias, souvlaki spots, bars, stores, supermarkets, Greek and international press agency, banks, bus terminal, taxi station, port authority, customs , clinic, pharmacy, etc.

Here are, also, located the municipal Thermal Baths of Lakkos, that have beneficial and therapeutic properties for the body and are worth visiting, if you feel the need to relax from stress or relieve an orthopedic problem.

Contemporary port facilities turn Adamas into a shelter for boats, sailboats and yachts, so if you are such a traveler, head over here and take advantage of the marina’s comforts.

If you want to swim, Adamas offers that, too! In short distances, accessible even without transportation, are the beaches of Lagada and Papikinou.

Moreover, important attractions of Adamas, which are worth visiting, are the Mining Museum of Milos, the Ecclesiastical Museum, the Church of the Assumption and the catholic church of St. Nicholas.

As you realize, Adamas is the place where you can satisfy every need and desire so you can enjoy your summer vacation in Milos to the fullest! Have a great time!!!



Talking about attractions of Milos Island, it is easy to claim that the whole island with its unique landscape is one unending attraction! Many interesting monuments reveal the deep cultural presence, which exists on our beautiful Cycladic Island from the ancient times till today.

The most famous finding of the island is in the foreign land of France and is admired by the world community in the Louvre Museum... Venus de Milo! A real masterpiece of art, it was found accidentally in the fields of the island. A special sign to the ancient city of Milos shows you the discovery place, which you can of course visit, close to the ancient Roman Theater. There is an imitation of the statue in the Archaeological Museum of Milos.

Other important attractions of Milos are:

  • Sarakiniko, a lunar landscape with chalk carved rocks. Wild, without greenery... you walk and feel a bit like Neil Armstrong. Took its name from the Saracen pirates and is one of the most photographed places in Greece. Apart from the day swimming, make sure to visit it at a sunset or even better, on a full moon night and the volcanic rocks’ colors will amaze you!
  • Kleftiko ... the marine Meteora, as they say! Accessible only by boat, it is located in the southwestern part of the island and is a complex of volcanic rocks. Old base for pirates and a unique morphology, which is worth your visit and admiration. Swim in the crystal clear waters and discover its bottom by participating in one of the many organized daily trips to this enchanting destination.
  • The Early Christian catacombs, thanks to which Milos was declared Sacred Island. The oldest and most important monument of Christianity in Greece is located in Tripiti and it is a remarkable huge maze of caves.
  • The Sulphur Mines, a unique and impressive spectacle. Abandoned machines, rusty tunnels, old wagons and blazing colors on the rocks will cause you awe and an eerie feeling. Do not forget to swim in the amazing beach, as well!
  • The Venetian Castle of the 13th century in Plaka. Built on the hill of Prophet Elias offers historical flashbacks and unforgettable sunsets to the romantic ones!
  • The picturesque Klima with its colorful little houses for the boats, so-called "sirmata" that will delight you!

Milos can fascinate any traveler and cover all tourism tastes! All you have to do is to get out on the road and let human curiosity and knowledge thirst, to do their job!

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The volcanic nature of Milos, the strong winds and Aegean waves carve, many years now, the unique landscape of the island and mainly, its beautiful beaches. It is, probably, the Cycladic Island with the largest morphological diversity in its beaches. They are over 75 and they have proved, many times, Milos as the island with the best beaches in Europe! Crystal, turquoise waters, golden sands or pearly pebbles, organized or isolated, with colorful wild rocks to mark them... Milos has beaches for every taste!

Get the chance to learn or practice to some water sports, like windsurf or kite-surf, ride a pedal boat for a small cruise or play with your friends in "high speed" inflatables. Boost your sense of relaxation, by enjoying summer meals to the wonderful seaside taverns.

And if all these are not enough for you... one more advantage of Milos Island is that here you will not miss your daily swim. Whatever the wind direction is, you will always enjoy the sea, as everywhere around there are beautiful beaches and Milos’ roads shorten the distances.

Either way, whatever you choose, you will not find anywhere the beauty of Milos’ beaches!

The name list is big... indicatively some of the beautiful beaches of Milos are: Papikinou, Paliochori, Provatas, Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Agia Kiriaki, Gerontas, Sarakiniko, Alogomandra, Papafragas, Firopotamos, Achivadolimni, Plathiena and many more.



Milos was declared "holy island" by the Holy Synod in 2014, as it hosts the oldest monument of Christianity, the Catacombs. Apart from this unique nationwide finding, it has more than 140 churches and chapels and an ecclesiastical museum. Religious festivals are held at the churches on Saints’ name days, with singing, dancing and plenty of food. You will be charmed by the combination of pure Aegean architecture with great heirlooms and icons but also by the warm welcome of the local world. Consult us and if you are lucky, maybe your days on the island, you have the opportunity to attend such a celebration.

Some of the many wonderful religious sights worth visiting are:

  • Adamas: The Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the Holy Trinity and St. Nicolas
  • Pollonia:  Agia Paraskevi
  • Plaka: Panagia Corfiatissa, Panagia Thalassitra and the Catholic church of Panagia(Virgin Mary) of the Roses
  • Tripiti:  St. Nicolas
  • Klima:  Profitis Ilias
  • Zefiria: Panagia Portiani



It is said that in order to get to know a place, you must first try its flavors! This way, you understand its culture, history and environment.

The local cuisine of Milos offers visitors many options and covers every palate’s tastes. The most representative tastes of Milos’ cuisine are the "pitarakia", small cheese pies, filled with local spicy dry cheese and various herbs, the famous local tomato paste, the original "karpouzopita" which is a traditional sweet pie from watermelon, and of course the "koufeto", spoon sweet, made from sweet zucchini’s pith with honey and almonds.

Whatever you like most, you can take it with you when leaving, since there are many Cycladic stores with traditional products in Adamas and elsewhere. In their jars there are hidden treasures of Milos’ local cuisine and so, you can find spoon sweet koufeto, honey, tomato paste, local cheese (xerotyri, touloumotyri etc.), caper, barley rusks and many other delicacies.

Along the harbor of Adamas, and also to several beaches and villages, in every corner of Milos, there are traditional taverns and lovely restaurants. They will offer you their best dishes, traditional recipes of Milos, cooked with care and handpicked ingredients, served by friendly and smiling people, in order to whet your appetite and apart from Milos’ local cuisine, you shall “taste” the famous Greek hospitality, as well!



Milos has five museums with plenty of interesting exhibits and impressive collections, which are a pole attraction for thousand visitors every summer. Trust us when we say that it is worthwhile sacrificing a swim or two to view the exceptional cultural heritage of Milos.

The museums of Milos are five: the Mining, the Maritime, the Ecclesiastical, the Archaeological and the Folkloric.

  • The Mining museum of Milos is located just outside Adamas and was created in 1998 by the company S & B Industrial Minerals SA. Here displays the mining history of Milos and its natural, geological wealth. Besides the industrial minerals, you can also watch videos, that through old miners’ stories, they travel you to the old excavations and to the first findings.
  • The Maritime Museum of Milos is also located in Adamas, in the old Community building of the island. It houses the famous wood boat "Eirini" and various exhibits from prehistory to modern times, as well as rare maps. Thus, through these exhibits, you will explore Milos’ maritime history.
  • The Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos is located in Adamas, in the church of the Holy Trinity with the unique architecture. Hagiographies, old icons, famous painters’ work, wood carved church structures, chalices and many more rare pieces of art are reverently kept in its place.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Milos is located in Plaka and is housed in a neoclassical building. You have the opportunity to admire collections of sculptures, reliefs, inscriptions and objects from prehistoric era of the island. The prehistoric collection of Phylakopi includes painted pottery, figurines and the famous "Kyra of Phylakopi", while the findings from the ancient city of Klima are rich, with collections of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. There is, also, a replica of Venus de Milo, built in the laboratories of the Louvre museum, wherein the original statue is kept.
  • The Folkloric museum of Milos is located in Plaka, behind the church of Panagia Korfiatissa. You travel back in time, so you can find out how living was in the 19th century for local people. That way, you experience the Melian tradition and specificities of the local house holding, through a detailed representation of a house, in the period after 1821 revolution until the interwar.



Once night falls, Milos transforms into a fun place that can satisfy all tastes! Those seeking calm, relaxation and romance, but also those looking for loud music and frantic amusement until dawn! Clubs and bars with Greek and foreign music, rich variety of wines and drinks, restaurants with or without live music, traditional taverns...and anything else you might think! Dance, drink as much as you handle (no more ...) and have fun until the early morning hours! Lose yourself among the people in the busy streets of Adamas, Pollonia, Plaka and Tripiti and see the moon gives its place to the bright sun! For tranquility lovers, we recommend, apart from the quiet choices in the same above areas, to also move to the small seaside villages, like Mandrakia, Paliohori etc. There are so many places, which surely some of them will respond to your tastes, so you can have the unforgettable vacation in Milos you dream of! We wish you enjoyable night memories, but make sure to keep some energy to explore the amazing beaches of Milos Island during the days!



In Milos’ alleys, you can find a wide range of stores and products that give visitors who love shopping, great pleasure and many options! Several shops, small or larger, elegant with Cycladic finesse. They are spread in different areas throughout the island, like Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia. You'll find handmade jewelry, wonderful silk or cotton clothing, bags, scarves, hats, all made with care and each one unique. Beautiful artistic creations made of clay, stone, glass or driftwood, such as paintings, vases, lamps and special ornaments. Wander around and enjoy a walk, buying the necessary gifts-souvenirs from Milos, for all of them who were left behind. Make sure to also, satisfy your tastes and needs, by taking with you little parts of the island, in order to create your own “Milos” back in home!