At the center of Adamas, in front of the picturesque harbor, two large aquariums show you the entrance to one of the most atmospheric, and yet qualitative, coffee-restaurants on the island! Start your day by selecting a tasteful breakfast from the various catalogue and let your coffee to the professionals, who are ready to offer you the finest quality! In the kitchen, from noon until late evening, the charismatic Chef creates for you Greek flavors harmoniously combined with international cuisine! Ms. Maria is the pastry chef! Her handmade and homemade sweets will travel you away! And the night will find you here again! Excellent wine list with Greek labels and a variety of cocktails, so you can have the perfect end to your day! Enjoy!!!

We picked traditional recipes to enrich our breakfasts, delicious dishes and hand-picked materials, so you can have the best experience at the famous Yankos café-restaurant in Adamas of Milos. We brought in our team excellent professionals, so you can try fine coffees and cool summer drinks and beverages.

Our breakfast, a tasty experience. Start your day enjoying a rich, nutritious breakfast overlooking Adamas’ bay. Wonderful Greek cuisine based on traditional recipes. Enjoy your breakfast and fresh fruit to start your day full of energy.

Yankos restaurant is one of the favorite haunts on the island, especially for pasta and meat lovers. Delicious recipes of the famous Mediterranean cuisine and juicy delicacies will parade on your plate and will make you want to taste them again and again. In an absolutely summer scene to enjoy unique moments of gastronomic pleasure.

Yankos is famous in Milos and the secret of its success is not that... secret. Excellent materials, fresh vegetables, respect for traditional recipes and of course, the best professionals’ team.