The seabed of Milos Island is just as beautiful as its beaches!

Explore it and enjoy unique diving moments with professional divers. Since Milos is a volcanic island, its seabed has special and mysterious caves, in which every marine species swim. One of them is the famous marine seal Monachus, of the endangered species. You will come across, also, with sea spiders, crayfish, lobsters, barracudas, amberjacks and all kinds of fish, as well as beautifully colorful nudibranchs.

The camera will capture you and the memory of this experience will remain indelible in the time! Ask us!

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Sea tours

It would be silly of you to visit Milos and not to do the daily trip with one of the boats or yachts, waiting for you in Adamas! The sea tour around Milos is a unique experience that you have to live!

The island has numerous beaches, but some of them are only accessible by sea. That way, you have the opportunity to swim in marvelous beaches, which otherwise you couldn’t meet. The famous Kleftiko, the emerald Sykia cave, Glaronisia, Arkoudes, Polyaigos are just some of them, which you are not allowed to miss.

Crystal clear turquoise waters in enchanting beaches with mysterious caves and mineral wealth. The beauty a volcano left behind, a masterpiece of the nature! Dive into the cool waters, swim, explore the caves, play, be photographed and discover yourself why Milos Island has fanatic visitors and is repeatedly voted as the island with the best beaches!

Most cruises depart daily from the marina at Adamas port. You have the freedom to choose, since there are several attractive proposals. Others make the entire round of Milos, others visit and the neighboring Kimolos and others go to a few selected beaches.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure ... this experience will stay with you forever!

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Discover the exhilarating paths of Milos with the companionship of “Miloterranean Geo Experiences”. This group is addressed to those wanting to explore and discover every hidden beauty of Milos and Kimolos. Through detail mapped trails and carefully edited guiding texts, the unique geology, the rich mining past and present and the unique natural environment of Milos are revealed to the travelers, showing them a so far "hidden" Milos. Join their group and you will get to adore Milos, like them!

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